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Weekend of river camping, friends and ghosts (part I)

June 3, 2012

When we finished grad school and moved to San Francisco we were both very excited to be back in a big city though we soon realized the many good things we were leaving behind, such as a bunch of very good friends. Also, although not as important as friends, the thing that I miss the most in San Francisco is some fog-free good weather in summer time.

For the Memorial Day weekend, we were awarded with a change from foggy San Francisco to a sunny, warm spring at the Yuba river, California, while camping and spending time with some friends from grad school.

The day we arrived at the campsite it rained and the good weather didn’t appear until the following morning, so we just stayed by the fire until midnight eating, talking and listening to music. It was a humid, but otherwise fantastic night. The following morning it was almost 80 degrees and sunny! I had been dreaming of swimming again in this river since we were there last summer for the first time.

If you’ve ever been to the South Yuba River you know what I’m talking about. Crystal clear, perfect temperature water with some amazingly calm pools to dive and swim in and some rapids for the most adventurous. Unfortunately, this time around the water temperature was not that great — it appears that in spring, the river is still freezing cold. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop us from going into the water for a few minutes (although the following day some people suggested that it is dangerous to get into the river during this time of the year).

Apart from taking that refreshing dip, we spent almost 6 hours by the river reading, playing chess and skipping stones in the water. This is a real paradise. I hope my pictures due it justice. Enjoy!

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  1. June 4, 2012 12:12 am

    Great pics, Ana! Yuba River is such a beautiful spot! And I love your description of Saturday night as “humid”! : )

  2. June 15, 2012 4:56 pm

    Divine pictures from divine place. It looks like a fantastic time.

  3. June 16, 2012 1:42 pm

    Looks like a perfect weekend for camping. Love the reading by the water. Could use some quiet time like that right about now!

  4. Salena Coscia permalink
    October 11, 2012 11:33 am

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    March 12, 2013 7:07 am

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