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Weekend of river camping, friends and ghosts (part II): The haunted city of Nevada

July 29, 2012

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the Yuba river. Not far from the river there is a charming town full of history. After spending a few days camping, Matt and I decided to stay one more night in the area and get to know a little more about this place, Nevada City.

Nevada Theater

On the main street we found the oldest existing theatre building in California, opened in 1865, and many well-conserved old buildings that made us feel like we were on a western movie set.



At the end of the main street there is an amazing Victorian hotel where we decided to stay for the night. The National Hotel is also registered as a historical landmark and it’s considered the oldest continuously-operating hotel west of the Rocky Mountains.
I wouldn’t recommend staying there if you’re looking for luxury. To be honest, the hotel is a little deteriorated in some ways. But, this is your place if you’re looking to stay in a charming, historical place with a very welcoming staff.

Nevada City is also your place if you are interested in GHOSTS… Oh yeah, I said ghosts… We had no idea about the haunting ghost stories of Nevada city and, of course, we heard noises during the night, but we assumed that they were from other people staying in the hotel, right?!


National Hotel, Nevada City

National Hotel, Nevada City

The following morning, we went to visit another interesting place in Nevada city. The Stonehouse Old Brewery is also a beautiful Victorian building, from 1882. We met its current owner, Nikko, and she was the one who told us about the many haunting tales of Nevada city. It was then when we realized that we had just slept in a haunted hotel. What’s more, after checking google we discovered that we had stayed in a room close to one of the haunted rooms where a man had slit a woman’s throat in the days of the Wild Wild West…

Nikko also told us about a story that happened in the brewery that she owns today. In the back part of the brewery, there is a cave that used to lead to the gold mines during the California Gold Rush. Legend has it that a big group of Chinese slaves got trapped in the mines and because it was too hard and maybe expensive to help them out, it was decided that the cave be blown up with the Chinese workers inside. Since then, there are rumors of sightings of Chinese ghosts in this place.

Nikko was very nice to open the cave for us and show us around. It is pretty terrifying!

Cave in The Stonehouse Old Brewery

I hope my post motivates you to visit Nevada City. It’s a place that I recommend even if you’re afraid of ghosts!

By the way, Nikko told us that all these places were featured in a “Ghosts’ Adventures” episode from the Travel channel. Here is the link for those who are interested in the topic:

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  1. nobodywalksinlongbeach permalink
    August 18, 2012 8:14 pm

    Nevada City Rules! Thanks for this. That’s one of my favorite parts of California, the foothills.

  2. August 19, 2012 5:46 pm

    I love this!


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