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February 9, 2013

There is more than just a photo behind a beautiful magazine cover like this one.

This is the cover of the Cereal Magazine, a new magazine about simple and beautiful things that involve food, books or travel. Vol.1 is already sold out.

And here is the video of the creative process of this adorable cover.


I leave you with this inspirational video and wish you a great weekend. I’ll continue playing with my laptop in bed for a little longer, because it’s still 8AM and I forbade myself to leave bed today before 9AM.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. February 9, 2013 5:11 pm

    Awesome !! I love it !!…me encanta, eso es lo que realmente me gustaria hacer viajar, hacer fotos y publicar lo que he visto por el mundo…como crees que podria hacerlo? Un beso. Genial el post de hoy…levantate de la cama que el dia esta precioso..

    • February 10, 2013 4:13 pm

      no será fácil Sol, pero si es lo que quieres, seguro que es posible.

  2. February 10, 2013 3:48 pm

    I love this video. It’s awesome because it so capture how photographers wait, ponder and watch for the perfect shot. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of a recent walk I had… and found some beautiful acorns.

  3. February 15, 2013 4:30 pm

    Acostumbro cada mediodia buscar posts para pasar un buen rato leyendo y de esta forma he localizado vuestro articulo. La verdad me ha gustado el articulo y pienso volver para seguir pasando buenos ratos.

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