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A tribute to bikes

June 21, 2013

Note: the illustrations and photos were found in Pinterest and their authors are indicated below each image.

Illustration by Irina Stepanova

Photography by René Groebli

I bet that most of you have at least one memory of your childhood with a bicycle.

Perhaps you remember when you started learning on a tricycle, when you you fell for the first time after you removed the two training wheels of reinforcement, or when you went to ride your bike in the country with your friends or cousins​​.

Photography by Rocío Martínez

Photography by Pure9

I really fear the hills of San Francisco and hardly use the bike here, but I love bikes and I keep so many of those childhood memories and here’s my little tribute to that healthy vehicle.

Changing the topic…, I realized that wordpress started including adds (without my permission) after every one of my posts 😦  I guess that’s the way it works and I just hope it doesn’t bother you.

Have a good weekend everybody! xoxoxo


Apuesto a que la mayoría tenéis al menos un recuerdo de vuestra infancia con una bicicleta. Quizás recordáis cuando empezasteis a aprender en un triciclo, cuando os caísteis por primera vez después de que os quitaran las dos ruedas de refuerzo, o cuando salíais al campo con vuestros amigos o primos. Yo conservo muchos de estos recuerdos y me encantaría poder seguir montando en bici. Las cuestas de San Francisco me dan demasiado respeto y apenas uso la bici que tengo aquí. En todo caso, aquí os dejo una conmemoración al medio de transporte del futuro. Viva la bici!

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  1. June 23, 2013 9:54 am

    Hi Ana, lovely images. You may like the story of this recent animation re: Cycle Cities, done by my son’s partner:

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